Welcome to Bopster! (taking expressions of interest)

Bopster is a new windows based Client / Server chat program developed from the ground up and is currently in Alpha testing. Many online users may have noticed chat programs before as they have normal users and administrator users. This is exactly what Bopster has been built to do. It runs with a MySQL backend database that stores all the users information such as login details, user level and other useful information. You can even extend on this information if you prefer (MySQL knowledge is essential to do this).

The server side is a console application that runs in the background on any Windows based system. You can run as many servers as you like, thus meaning as many rooms or lobbies as you like. All you need to do is change the port number. You are only limited to your computer resources that are available.

The client is a user friendly windows application that can be launched via a shortcut containing the essential parameters or setup as a URL protocol so you can launch the room or lobby directly from your website.

We have kept the purchase price really low and affordable for everyone! You only pay a once off fee for 1 license that allows you to run as many rooms or lobbies as you like. The only limitation is that it must have access to the internet at all times as the server will communicate with our master servers for licensing requirements. After all we did develop the software in our own time and feel that we should be awarded for it. Visit the support area to see what information is transferred to the master servers from your servers.

If you purchase a license you will have exclusive access to our support area to get help with many areas such as installation, tutorials and even getting involved with the progress of future updates. After all if you buy the software you should have a say in how we can make it better.

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