How to purchase a copy!

Remember, Bopster is currently in ALPHA version. But your payment will see you through the BETA and STABLE versions too! If you register and purchase during an ALPHA or BETA release just imagine the input you would have and the more likely chances of getting what you want into the future releases! Although user input is always taken into consideration during any release.

There will be no need to pirate a copy of Bopster as it is very affordable. When you purchase a copy for yourself you will get the following features...

1. Unlimited use of the software.
2. Help via the support area.
3. Unlimited future update releases.
4. Notification via email of update releases.
5. A copy of the current client, server and MySQL setup program.
6. PDF document containing information on installation and use.

Unfortunately we can only accept payments via PayPal at this stage, but that shouldn't be an issue as PayPal is pretty much used by nearly everyone these days and is a secure way of transferring money all around the world.

Price: $15.00 USD
Licenses: 1 (unlimited uses for purchaser only)
Updates: Unlimited

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